Verification at PariMatch

PariMatch is very easy when using it. this is the most understandable service in the betting world.



Pari Match bookmaker’s office operates legally and legally for its clients. This fact obliges each player, after registering on the website, to confirm his identity, as well as to have an identified wallet. In our article, you will learn how PariMatch verification, which is a prerequisite for gaining access to all of the operator’s services, takes place.

Why verify

PariMatch verification is a mandatory process without which it is impossible to withdraw money from the bookmaker’s account. The documents provided by the user are checked against the information entered during registration as well as with the data of the owner of the account to which the money is withdrawn. If the data matches, the technical support approves the request and the user can get his winnings in a convenient form without any problems. If the information does not match partially or completely – you will be asked to re-identify PariMatch.

First of all, PariMatch verification ensures the safety of player’s data and account status. Even having obtained control of the account, having logged in to the BK website with the username and password, intruders will not be able to withdraw funds to their account. PariMatch identification may seem overly complicated and unnecessary, but it significantly increases the security of the money in your betting account.

Why verify

Registration and identification at PariMatch

To become a full-fledged client of PariMatch, it is not enough for players to register on the bookmaker’s website, which operates in the domain zone. Opening a gaming account gives the opportunity to bet on sports, deposit and withdraw money only to players from other countries, who play in the international version of the BK.

In the case of citizens, user identification becomes available immediately after the opening of a personal account. To register an account at the PariMatch bookmaker’s office, visit the company’s website and click on the “Registration” button. Enter the following details in the electronic form:

  • first and last name,
  • date of birth,
  • operator’s telephone number,
  • e-mail address.

The data must be entered according to the passport information in order to avoid problems with verification at PariMatch. Accept the rules of the company by ticking the appropriate checkbox and confirm the registration. You will then receive an e-mail with your account details and a link to activate your account.

To verify your account at the PariMatch bookmaker’s office, log in to the bookmaker’s website. Use the login and password you were given during registration. After logging in, visit the “Account settings” menu and select the “Personal data” section. Here you need to upload scanned or photographed images of your documents.

Passport images must be taken unfolded on a white background. A standard A4 sheet may be used. You should write the current date on the piece of paper with a pen and also leave the text “Identification for PariMatch”. The writing should be visible and not covered by your passport.

A scanned copy of TIN or SNILS should also be uploaded – at the user’s choice. The last file for verification will be uploading a picture of the client with a passport in hand. After adding all the images, click on the “Upload” button. This step will activate the player’s identity validation procedure. The question may arise here – how long do I have to wait for validation? The verification process itself is not long and takes up to 30 minutes. The player will be notified of the verification results by letter to the email address that is assigned to his account.

Verified wallet

The identification process at PariMatch will not be completed if a new client of the bookmaker does not have a verified wallet. In this regard, users who have not created and confirmed a personal account on the website of the Online Betting Centre will not be able to pass the verification process.

If a verified account already exists, there is no need to go through this procedure again. After completing this operation, the client can send a second request for the validation of the account at the PariMatch bookmaker’s office.

Registration and identification
Registration and identification at PariMatch


Unlike other domestic operators, bookmaker’s office PariMatch provides customers with an opportunity to confirm their identity remotely. Clients of the company do not need to visit the branded operators, which saves time, which we very often lack.

Legitimate bookmaker PariMatch offers a comfortable and safe environment for betting on sports. The operator has a wide line-up, competitive odds and fast payouts.


Verification problems

PariMatch identification does not always go smoothly. If the information in the profile does not match the data in the uploaded document, a second verification is initiated at the betting shop. As you can choose the account currency, payment method and fill in the profile only once – it is important that the information matches everywhere.

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Otherwise, the support service will not be able to confirm that the owner of the gambling account, external wallet and uploaded documents are the same person.
The notification that PariMatch identification has been passed will appear in your profile, so it is worth checking the betting site regularly. The status “Verified” will appear below the download form. Otherwise, you will need to upload additional documents at the request of the support team.

The PariMatch website provides all the information you need to successfully pass the verification process. And in case of difficulties, you can always ask for help from the support service.