Betting on the next service break in tennis

A break is a situation in a tennis bets match, when the receiving player wins a game on the opponent’s serve. Betting Parimatch on breaks in tennis is a popular direction in the Parimatch bookmakers’ contras. In today’s article let’s consider the features of betting on such a market, types of bets and applicable strategies.


Peculiarities of betting on tennis in bookmakers

Many fans of this sport follow the events in the big tennis, because it has gained huge popularity in the world in recent years. Sufficient number of international tournaments and wide coverage allows fans to enjoy their favorite sport to their fullest. In addition to the usual interest, tennis may be a good opportunity to make a profit in betting.

With the development of the betting industry, almost every office has begun to offer a decent selection of lines on tennis events. There are bookmakers that pay more attention to this sport. They usually have many lines and wide betting spreads. The main tennis betting lines are:

  • victory of a player in a match, set, game;
  • handicap in sets, games;
  • total in sets, games.

However, advanced bettors choose more sophisticated variants of short-term events with high odds. In particular, players’ attention is attracted by tennis bets on the serve or on the break. Expanding your range in the game, you can discover the strengths of your intuition and make good money on winnings in a short period of time. You don’t have to be an expert to try out new types of Parimatch betting, one of which we will discuss below.


Betting on breaks in tennis

To begin with, it would be a good idea to remind what is called a break in tennis. So, it is a situation when a game is won by a tennis player, who did not serve the ball. Separately, such a concept is defined as a reverse break – when after losing a game, the athlete immediately breaks the serve of the opponent. Break bets are rather popular among users because of their attractive odds (2-3 on the average), and the speed of determining the result (a game lasts from 2 to 5 minutes). Betting can be done both in pre-match and live.

Considering the options for betting before the game starts, you can catch good odds before they start to fall as the game goes on. The advantage of live is the opportunity to watch the course of events on the court and quickly make bets. It is also not uncommon for the odds to skyrocket during a game, going from 4 to 10 or more – not a bad way to take a chance. Among the varieties of tennis betting on breaks are popular:

  • Who will make the most breaks in the match. Offered: a win for the first, a win for the second, a draw.
  • Break in the game. There are two options: yes or no.
  • 1st Break – Player. The bet passes if the selected player is the first to win the opponent’s serve.


How to choose an option for a break bet?

It is well known that in tennis, the ground is the slowest surface. Long rallies are more common on clay, because the serve speed is slowed down and the chances of aces decrease. Correspondingly, the possibility of breaks increases. This is the ideal surface for break betting.

In contrast to men, female tennis players usually do not have much of an advantage when putting the ball into play, and are less likely to win their serves. The receiving side has many chances to repel the attack. The disadvantage of betting on women’s breaks can be the low odds, however, such competitions should be included in the list of events for betting on breaks.

In doubles events, breaks are also not uncommon, especially in mixed events. However, this is not the only reason for bettors’ attention, as the rules of this kind of game do not provide such a concept as more-less. Accordingly, with a score of 40:40, the pair that will take the next draw wins the game. Team tennis is one of the options for betting on the break. True, such a rule at 40:40 does not apply at all tournaments.

In men’s tennis also happens breaks, but not as often as in the fair sex. The powerful nature of men’s tennis allows them to turn their advantage on serve into a winning point. On the other hand, there are a number of strong on the receiving end of tennis players, capable of a quality encounter with the opponent, and making him fight back from uncomfortable positions. For the most part, these are short players who do not possess a powerful serve, and train more on receptions. Bettors should pay attention to such pros to go from defense to attack:

  • Nadal;
  • Nishikori;
  • Del Potro;
  • Djokovic.

Among women, there are also specialists in turning the tide of the game:

  • Halep;
  • Svitolina;
  • Azarenka.

Break betting strategy

Live betting is best suited to the application of strategies, especially if there is an opportunity to watch the broadcast of the game. So the bettor can not only follow the changes in the match, but also objectively assess the physical shape of the tennis players. It is also important to pay attention to the psychological state of players, who are visibly nervous and often make mistakes when playing unsuccessfully.

It often happens when after a break, a tennis player becomes morally vulnerable – an intermediate victory becomes a burden of responsibility, or relaxes him too much. The receiving tennis player may be motivated to win back immediately, which is not uncommon in tennis. Therefore, this is a good time to bet on a reverse break.

A situation where one side wins 5 games in a set is also a good time to place a break bet. After all, at such moments the tension grows, tennis players feel more responsibility and often make mistakes. Fans of taking chances can try their luck on high odds, which are often given on the inferior tennis players in the course of the match. With a score of 30-0, odds can go up to 10-15.

In the confrontation of equal opponents there is a high probability of breaks, so it is worth taking them for consideration. By and large, for good bets it is necessary to have information about the tennis players. If possible, it is necessary to look at the statistics of the athletes before the game to understand the probability of breaks in the match. It is better to stop your attention on duels with the participation of masters, which can “break”. If there are no such matches, it is difficult to employ any strategies. It is worth waiting for the best case and not to bet at all, so as not to lose the bank in vain.


To summarize the above, here are the best situations for break betting:

  • One of the parties has a small percentage of wins on their serves.
  • The match is played by a master at receiving the opponent’s serves.
  • There are more breaks in women’s and doubles tennis than in men’s tennis.
  • Turning points: bad play, fatigue, or injuries to the tennis player.