Tennis betting

This sports discipline can be attributed to one of the most interesting. Because tennis matches are quite difficult to predict. Unusual outcomes happen here, and athletes show frequent comebacks. Therefore, betting on tennis events is an exciting experience. For those who are looking for where to place a bet, you should pay attention to tennis betting on Parimatch. This is the best site for this purpose.

The bookmaker offers excellent conditions for its customers. We will talk further about what bonuses are expected on the site and what opportunities for betting are here. If you are serious about betting, then Parimatch Tennis will definitely not leave you indifferent.

Types of tennis betting

Events in this sport come in a variety of formats. These can be one-day tournaments or long events that last for several days. In any case, the bettor will have the opportunity to place bets in prematch or live.


Prematch is a format where you make a prediction before the match starts. You pay the bet, then wait for the game to start, and when it ends, you receive your winnings, in case of a successful forecast. But if tennis betting Parimatch is held live, then you pay the bet at the moment when the game is already underway.

Apart from these types, there are also betting markets. For example, the most popular:

  • who will be the winner (main outcome);
  • total on points and other game indicators;
  • betting on winning with a handicap;
  • special rates.

A betting line is formed from the markets. The louder the event, the longer and more varied it is. Bookmakers such as Parimatch always offer customers the maximum selection of bets.

Also, tennis bet Parimatch can be single (single bet) or combined (so-called parlay). The first option is the standard rate.

How do I analyze matches for tennis betting?

Without analysis, a correct forecast is impossible. This is a required step. All professional bettors use statistical information and also regularly follow tennis matches to keep abreast of the latest events.

The statistics contain information about:

  • the last games of each athlete (against other opponents);
  • last meetings of opponents who will compete again;
  • overall performance (how many wins and losses and other information).

It is clear that from such data it is possible to draw conclusions about the sports form of a tennis player. It also shows who is the stronger and weaker opponent, which is important for the forecast.

In addition to this information, it is important to consider other points:

  • court coverage;
  • motivation of athletes;
  • weather;
  • how long ago was the last game;
  • who is the first to serve the ball.

It is also noticed that women’s tennis is more unpredictable. Therefore, when betting on it, you need to be more attentive to all the little things. Even if they affect the result only indirectly.


You can find statistical information on the Parimatch Tennis Malaysia website. There is also an archive of matches that will give you a full amount of useful data.

Bonus on Tennis for Newcomers

Agree, it is very useful sometimes to spend not your own money on a bet. It’s safer and more enjoyable. Therefore, the bookmaker does not leave you without attention and is ready to please you with gifts.

This will start right after you sign up. When replenishing an account, new customers receive 100% of this amount additionally from the institution. You can use them as a tennis bonus Parimatch. Just when paying for a bet, you will need to choose that you want to do this with the help of bonus funds.

Money for beginners has its own conditions for use. The bookmaker does not hide anything from you — you can read them in the bonus description. So betting on Parimatch Tennis will immediately turn into a risk-free entertainment for you.

Tips for tennis betting

You can often hear about tennis betting strategies from experienced bettors. Many stick to them in order to get income in the long run. But for beginners, things can be much easier and without complex plans and strategies. It is enough to use some tips to make betting easier.

Here’s what you can use:

  • it is better to bet live, as tennis is an unpredictable sport where you can catch unexpectedly high odds;
  • bet on certain athletes — choose one or two, constantly monitor them to know all the features;
  • betting on totals is easy after pre-match analytics — you will be able to determine what score is likely in the upcoming game;
  • you need to watch how the athlete is affected by the surface of the court, certain opponents and other factors.

For beginners, it can be difficult to immediately navigate live. Therefore, pre-match analytics and pre-match betting will be the best choice at the beginning. Moreover, tennis betting on Parimatch provides a lot of information in the public domain for this.


How to get a welcome bonus on the Parimatch website?

This is available to those who create a new account. First you need to fill out a form with personal information and enter the office.


There will be a cash desk through which payment is made — your first deposit. After that, the bonus will be credited automatically.

Where can I find a tennis betting line?

You just need to go to the section with tennis and open the match of interest. There will be a line with all betting markets and their odds.

How to pay your bet?

You just need to click on the odds of the bet you want to place. It will be added to the coupon, where you can pay with your own or bonus funds.