Basketball bets

Fast and dynamic basketball is one of the five most favorite sports among bettors. But not all bookmakers can offer the best conditions for this. Therefore, we recommend Parimatch basketball Malaysia — a great place to bet on matches in the world’s largest tournaments.

You will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the site when you become its client. You will find a wide line with different types of bets, the ability to watch games live and many other advantages. For example, the Parimatch basketball bonus has not bothered anyone yet, but on the contrary, it has helped beginners to understand such a difficult task as betting.


Let’s look at what features there are in predicting this sport and look into them.

How to bet

First you need to become a full-fledged client of the bookmaker. To do this, it is important to have your own account and make a deposit that activates the bonus. The reward is due to all users who replenish their account for the first time. After that, you can go to the basketball section and see what events are planned for the near future.

To start bet on Parimatch basketball, you need to select the bet you want to place on the line and then click on it. The bet will be added to the coupon. You can make some other bets, they will also be added here.

After payment, you can consider that your bet is made. The coefficient will be fixed and you will only have to wait for the game to start.

Types of bets and strategies

There are different types of bets. These are called markets. Globally, they can be divided into two groups:

  • prematch — when the bet is placed before the match;
  • live — when the bet is already made during the game.
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  • You can also distinguish the following types:
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  • single — when you separately pay one bet;
  • express or parlay — when several are combined and paid together;
  • system — when there is a thoughtful connection between bets, experienced bettors use this.

For beginners, of course, it is better to try the usual single bets in prematch or Parimatch basketball live. Parlay is considered more risky, since the winnings will be paid out only if all bets play.


The most popular betting markets are:

  • main outcome;
  • total;
  • handicap;
  • quarter betting;
  • individual indicators of athletes, etc.

Parimatch basketball has all the possible types of bets that only you can use. This is a bookmaker with a lot of experience, and the line is saturated with different markets.

As for winning strategies, you need to understand that there is no universal and always winning betting plan. Each bettor develops his own scheme. But many people recommend the quarter betting strategy because:

  • very rarely the weaker team loses in every quarter;
  • favorites sometimes play weaker if they win the first two quarters, and even remove strong players, and this can be used.

Also, handicap bets will help to further increase your chances of a correct forecast.

How to analyze basketball games?

Pre-match analysis is always very important. It helps to predict the outcome of the next games, and also gives a complete picture of the capabilities of a particular team. Basketball betting on Parimatch is suitable for beginners as it contains the information needed for analysis. It is in every match card.

You need to parse the following information:

  • statistics of all previous games of opponents;
  • personal meetings of rivals;
  • quarter totals in each match.

Pay attention to when and with whom the team loses, and when it wins, what totals the outsider teams have and in what quarters they win more often. Basketball is not that unpredictable. Therefore, statistics are of great importance and, as a rule, use them effectively for forecasts.

Nuances of basketball betting

Basketball has a powerful edge that bettors can use. The game consists of quarters that last 10–12 minutes (depending on the format of the competition). The game is fast, and you can bet on each game segment.

Using the data obtained for the first quarters, it is easy to predict the outcome of the following quarters. Therefore, betting Parimatch basketball may be easier for many than betting on football.

Before the game starts, you can bet on a quarter, half of the game or the whole game. If you bet live, then by the end of the quarter you will be able to bet on the next one. And it gives a huge experience to the players. After all, in one match you can train at least 4 times.


Also, since basketball is a team sport, the result depends on strong players. If the favorite sends a key player to rest, then the chances of the team are slightly, but falling, and this is also of great importance.


Can I bet on overtime?

Of course! This is a simple bet that can be used for small risk. It can be placed on Parimatch. If you bet that there will be no overtime, you will win no matter which team wins. Of course, if there is no draw between them in regular time.

Do I need to use a promo code to get money from a bookmaker?

No, the bonus is issued without it. You only need to fulfill the conditions to receive it. Detailed information can be found in the description of the bonus. But that’s about the welcome offer. If the bookmaker will hold other promotions, he will definitely indicate whether a promotional code is needed to receive a prize.

Does Parimatch cover NBA matches?

Of course! It’s the biggest basketball championship in the world. You can bet on the most famous basketball teams. And when this tournament does not take place, other, no less interesting competitions will be available.