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PariMatch has become one of the most famous bookmakers in the world. That means something, right? here the bettors can choose any kind of sport to bet on and the best chances to win.


Betting has long become more than just a pastime. Many people have turned online sports betting into a monthly income earner. But to become a professional, it takes not only a desire but also hard work, the purpose of which is to gain experience and new knowledge.

Where to draw from to learn how to make the right bets? First of all, from the events occurring in the world of sports with PariMatch. Watching the matches will help you understand the nature of the game, the teams, the technique of athletes, increase your analytical skills and sharpen your intuition. Reading articles in print media, the Internet, and watching sports information shows is also recommended.

Betting has long become
Betting has long become more than just a pastime

Sports and Bookmakers PariMatch

As far back as the ancient Romans betting, but the term “bookmaker” appeared only in the XIX century. On the territory of the former Soviet Union, the first PariMatch BK opened in the early ’90s, the sites – much later.

The work of BK is complicated, one of the main tasks is not to lose. To do this, experts have to correctly calculate the odds of each team and the probability of a draw. For accurate calculations, a range of factors is taken into account, including automated accounting systems, analysis of statistical data, the motivations of athletes, the political and economic situation in the country.

Nowadays, sports and bookmakers for many people are two related concepts. But before engaging in this fascinating business – betting on sports online – it is necessary to make the right choice of a betting company. On our PariMatch website you can read reviews of the best bookmakers and learn a lot of information, useful both for a beginner and a professional bettor. Choose PariMatch and you will never regret it.

Sports and Bookmakers
Sports and Bookmakers PariMatch

Basic Concepts

A person new to the world of betting may not understand the abundance of different concepts and terms. Opening the betting lines on sports, he sees in it a lot of incomprehensible words and does not know how to bet correctly. We offer on our PariMatch site a brief glossary of basic terms to help newbies.

The outcome is the final result of a match. It is worth bearing in mind that in hockey, usually only a win or draw in regulation time is taken into account, if your bet is played in extra time, it automatically becomes a loss.

  • Ratio – the value used to calculate a bet and expressed in numbers,
  • Lineup – list of sports matches with odds,
  • List – bets offered by bookmakers in addition to the outcome,
  • Sports statistics – in the narrow sense means the data about the past games of the teams. This is a kind of report from which you can see the number of wins, losses or draws of the team, the number of goals scored in a match, etc,
  • Live bets are live bets on sports in real-time, they are placed during the match,
  • Betting strategy is a clearly developed manner of play, the aim of which is to win bets,
  • Total – a bet on the quantity (goals, corners, penalties, etc.),
  • Handicap – the advantage or lag of a team.


Types of sports betting

Sports betting on PariMatch can be divided into several. It is enough for a beginner to understand these.

One event is taken with any ending of the match. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds of the outcome. Ordinary bet is the most suitable type for a beginner since everything is very clear here.

Bets on several results of different matches, the card can contain an unlimited number of events from 2. All events must play in your favor. The winnings are calculated as follows: the stake size is multiplied by the odds, which is obtained by multiplying the odds of all outcomes.

A set of multi-bets with the same stake for all variants. It is necessary to specify the number of outcomes and a variant of the system. The bettor gets the sum of all winning odds.

The varieties of outcomes on which you can bet are many. For a start, it is necessary to have a good understanding of what a win, total and handicap are.

To win one or the other club, you need a good result and no draw. A win can be a dry win with only one team scoring. A draw can be a scoreless (0-0) or scoreless outcome.

The number of goals, pucks scored. Total is given for the whole game or part of it (half, game, period). Total is individual, i.e. the number of goals scored by one team or athlete.

The outcome of the game, taking into account the handicap is expressed as follows: after the match, you must add to the result the number that is selected. If the final result is in favor of your team, the bet wins.

Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch in Malaysia

Table Tennis

Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch
Top 10 Sports Betting PariMatch in Malaysia

Strategies for Sports Betting

There are many of them. Each player, if desired, can come up with his own. To begin with, it is enough to familiarize yourself with a few popular ones.

One event is taken. Then, it is necessary to find good odds in different offices, which insure each other. For example, in one of them, you bet on the victory of the first tennis player, in the other one – on the victory of the second tennis player. To win, the odds on both outcomes must be greater than 2. Nowadays it is much more difficult to find forks than it was 10-20 years ago when each office independently developed its own line and set odds.

A strategy, the essence of which is that you bet on the same team until it plays in your favor. The bet increases each time by progression. It is clear that here the optimal odds should be selected so that the winnings are not minuscule. But the disadvantage is that you risk spending a lot of money, but not waiting for the winnings. After all, often a series of unsuccessful matches in the team lasts almost the entire season.

The basic principle is to make a correct prediction of the event and define the betting amount as a percentage of the bank. This approach allows you to minimize your risk, but you can’t make fast money if you make a lot of mistakes.

Also aimed at preserving the bank. Principle: when you lose, the next bet amount is increased by 1 unit, when you win, it is decreased by the same amount. The strategy is more suitable for playing with not insignificant odds (from 2.5).

Sports Betting

Tips for Beginner Gamblers

If you want to become a successful bettor with PariMatch, the first thing you need to do is study the information. So that sports betting is not spontaneous, you need to understand what you are doing. Therefore, studying sports statistics, news about transfers, athletes’ physical condition, injuries, and leadership changes is a must. The more you understand the sport, the more informed the betting becomes.

A very important component of a successful game is the emotional mood of the player. There are several things to take into account here. The first is the preservation of equanimity, calmness. At the moment of strong excitement a person has no control over himself, this moment is the most dangerous – it is possible to lose everything. The second point – stop in time. After a big loss or win emotions seize you, the risk of a wrong game increases.

An important factor is choosing a reliable bookmaker. It is important to register with a reliable PariMatch bookmaker which offers good gaming conditions, timely payouts and protection of personal data of its clients. On our PariMatch website you can learn how to bet correctly, read the list of serious bookmakers and go to the registration page.

It is possible to listen to the opinion of other players, but it is a big mistake to go along with it. Make your own decision, think through the pros and cons, then you will be responsible for your own mistakes and success.

Be financially literate. Never risk the entire amount. It is best to decide right away what percentage of the pot you will put on each bet. This will allow you to save your money, which is more important than winning for a beginner.


Use these tips to become a pro over time with PariMatch. Good luck!