Registration PariMatch

The popularity of sports betting has begun to grow rapidly over the last few years. More and more people are interested in betting on their favorite team and making money on it. The best way to start is to start betting with PariMatch. Here is everything you need. You can choose any kind of sport you like – from football to ESports.


PariMatch betting company – registering a new account

At the PariMatch betting company the registration itself is quite simple, it takes only 5 minutes to create an account. However, before proceeding to create an account, it is necessary to make sure that the user meets the following two requirements:

The player is 18 years old. This is a standard requirement for all betting companies. Only adults are allowed to gamble.
Not to have any other accounts. At PariMatch bookmaker’s office registering multiple accounts or multi-accounts is considered to be a violation of the rules of fair play. Bettors caught for this violation are permanently blocked from the betting company. If you have forgotten your password, just use the restore function or contact technical support.
In fact, in order to register in the full version of the website or the mobile version of PariMatch, the player has to:

  • Provide his phone number,
  • Date of birth.

Choose the currency of the account. Important point: it is not possible to change the game currency later on, so choose wisely. Remember that many payment systems and banks charge conversion fees.

You also need to set a password for your account, which will be used for further login. That is the end of the registration at PariMatch betting company. The player gets his account number, the possibility to deposit and make bets.

registering a new account
PariMatch betting company – registering a new account

PariMatch betting company user identification

We have figured out how to register at PariMatch bet and get the welcome bonus. But there is one more important detail related to creating a new account – identification. The first time you make a withdrawal request, you will be required to provide proof that you are the owner of the account. The user will receive detailed instructions on what to do. As a rule, it is sufficient to provide a color passport photo.

Registration in PariMatch: instructions

Registration is done through the official website of the bookmaker’s office from a computer, from a mobile version of the website or an app. Users who are of legal age and have not registered before may create an account.

How to fill in the registration form

First of all, enter the bookmaker name into the browser through the PC. Then you navigate to the website and then to the “Registration” section. You will receive a form where you must enter the first data about yourself:

  • Betting currency (selectable only once),
  • Mobile phone number,
  • Password.

After that a message with a code will be sent to that number – enter it and authorize it in the personal cabinet.

How to fill in the registration form

Required fields for PariMatch registration

In the PariMatch registration window, the player has to fill several fields with personal and contact details. First of all, the bettor must fill in the forms with personal data – name, surname and date of birth. Specifying the date of birth is necessary to confirm the age of the client. Remember, only those players who have reached the age of majority can register at Panimatsch. The same applies to players from other post-Soviet countries. It should be added that at the end of registration bettors also need to check the box “I am over 18 years old”.

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of PariMatch when you register

This checkbox also confirms your acceptance of the agreement of the public offer of BC, which can be found directly on the website “PariMatch”. Before you register at PariMatch, it is strongly recommended to get acquainted with the agreement. It is this document that regulates all betting on the site of this bookmaker’s office.

Contacts when registering with PariMatch

Apart from the above-mentioned registration forms, new customers registering with PariMatch bookmaker should provide their e-mail address, contact phone number as well as city and country of residence. The “Account currency” field is extremely important. You can play in different currencies during the registration at PariMatch.

Registration at PariMatch bookmaker also implies choosing a secret question, the answer to which only the user will know. This bookmaker offers to answer questions such as ‘Mother’s maiden name’, ‘Father’s date of birth’, ‘First school’ or ‘Pin number’. In addition, entering and confirming the user’s original password will be required to complete the registration.

Is it possible to change the information entered during registration?

It should be noted that the registration at PariMatch cannot be changed. The only exception is the password that can be changed at any time. It should also be reminded that one bettor can register not more than one game account in PariMatch.

Is it possible to change the information entered during registration?


How does verification work?

Verification is necessary because without identity confirmation it is not possible to withdraw the winnings from your account. It is done through the personal cabinet, where you need to enter all the information: residence, passport details, mail and so on.

Overview of registration via the mobile version

Registration through the phone on PariMatch is standard and does not differ from the computer version. You also go to the right section, enter the information for creating an account and get verified.