Parimatch: LOL Betting

In the list of cyber disciplines, this game is not the last one for a reason. It is loved by bettors for its wide and varied betting line, heavily predictable gameplay and complex rules. Not everyone can bet in Parimatch LOL — this is a task for true fans of the game. And you need to prepare for important tournaments in advance in order to have the necessary knowledge base.

Just for those who love this business, the doors of LOL Betting Parimatch Malaysia are open. Here you will find the best conditions for predicting matches in this sport.

How to Bet on League of Legends?

Only registered users who have money in their account can place bets. Otherwise, they simply will not be able to pay their bet. In the esports section, you can find this discipline and the tournament of interest, where there will already be a list of upcoming games.


You can place bets in the pre-match format. That is, before the game starts. There is another format — live, where you need to place bets at the moment when the game has already begun. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, but any bettor needs to try both formats in order to gain experience.

LOL online betting Parimatch is considered preferable, since at the beginning of the game the bettor receives valuable information. Based on it, it is easier to make a correct prediction.

Best League of Legends Betting Odds and Tips

The odds are formed when the bookmaker’s analytical department makes a guess as to who can win. Usually LOL Parimatch has accurate, thoughtful odds. There are no error cases here.

In the pre-match, the odds do not change (only if an event occurs that greatly affects the outcome). But in live, they rise and fall very quickly, depending on how the game is played. If the underdog team has more chances, then the odds will start to drop. And the task of the bettor here is to catch the best coefficient in order to earn.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to make the right prediction:

  • team composition: what characters the athletes choose, whether the composition has changed, whether there have been substitutions (this information is available in free sources);
  • team statistics: the percentage of wins to losses, success in meetings with a certain opponent and much more (available in the statistics section for Parimatch);
  • character selection: at the beginning of the game, athletes choose characters, and a good game team is half the success (this can only be found out in live);
  • blocked characters: when a team chooses heroes, it blocks others, and the opponents have less choice, this is important;
  • selection of counter picks: these are the so-called characters who perform well in the fight against other heroes (a successful counter pick makes the fight easier);
  • first tower: whoever destroys the opponent’s tower first gets the advantage.

The bettor receives most of this information if he watches the broadcast. Therefore, bet on Parimatch LOL is best done in a live format. But no one canceled preliminary preparation: this is no less important.


As you understand, a good choice of characters and a quick start with the destruction of the enemy tower is a sure bid for victory. If the underdog manages to do this, then it makes sense to take a risk by betting on it until the odds fall.

Your Perfect Bonus for League of Legends Betting

You need money to bet in this game. And even if you have a small bankroll, there is a chance to double it at least. All thanks to the welcome bonus that awaits all newcomers to the bookmaker’s website. It is added to the amount of the first deposit and allows you to increase your bankroll.

When paying for a bet, you can use bonus money and get the following benefits:

  • risk-free bets;
  • income without investments;
  • experience without spending your own money.

Beginners can thus earn on Parimatch LOL betting real money for the first time, test their knowledge in the field of eSports and recharge their motivation for the next bets.

Mobile League of Legends Betting

And for those who do not have the opportunity to constantly place bets through a computer, there is a mobile version of the site. Everyone who has a smartphone or tablet will be able to access the bookmaker’s website and get all the same functions as computer users. Only with certain benefits:

  • faster access to tournaments;
  • the ability to watch live broadcasts;
  • the ability to place bets anywhere where there is Internet.

So you will definitely not miss a single tournament and will be able to engage in LOL Betting Parimatch at least continuously. Through the mobile version, you can register, receive bonuses, and also make a deposit. The site adapts to the screen size, so it will still be comfortable to use it.


What types of bets are there in this esports discipline?

Since there can be different events in the game, the bets on them are also varied. The most popular: first blood, victory of one of the teams, total kills, destruction of the first tower. There are also a number of other special bets that are found only here. For example, the capture of Nashor.

What tournaments are available for betting on Parimatch?

Not without a world championship — you can find it in the esports section and see a list of upcoming games. Also available is such a popular tournament as Mid-Season and others.

How to win at LOL betting?

You can win if you approach the issue in a complex way: study in detail not only the game, but also the teams, as well as regularly follow the competition, look at the statistics and draw conclusions.