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PariMatch is not difficult in using at all. It has the easiest interface so you will not spend much time trying to understand what to do and what to click. This is what differs our company from others.


PariMatch bet company operates legally. The office has a license and is a member of the Bookmakers’ Self-Regulatory Organisation. The bookmaker operates in accordance with the current legislation, so the official website is not blocked

Bookmaker’s office “PariMatch” will not be able to cheat the players, because they are protected by law. In the case of the dishonesty of the company, you can not just complain to some organizations, but also defend their case in court. There is no need to worry about the reliability and safety of betting, especially with such a reliable and time-tested partner as PariMatch. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and click on License in the documents column. The link will open in a new tab. You can view a scan of the document and see if the information written above is true.

It is only possible to access the PariMatch website after registration. To do so, you have to fill in the fields of the registration form with your date of birth, mobile phone number and email address.

It is impossible to make any manipulations without a personal account; it gives you access to betting, depositing and other operations. To log in to your personal cabinet, log in by clicking on the appropriate button in the top right corner of the web page. If your balance is positive, you can watch sports broadcasts. You can log in to the Client Cabinet both from a PC and a mobile phone. This is where all the information you entered during registration on the official website is kept. Take note!

Login PariMatch

If you notice any gross errors in your personal information, or if the player wants to change the data, you should contact a representative of the betting company by sending an e-mail

How to login to PariMatch?

Logging into the personal account of PariMatch should not cause any difficulties. The official website is working all the time. You won’t have any problems accessing the resource. Open the PariMatch site and select “Login” in the top right corner. Then enter your email, phone number or account number and your password. Click the ‘Login’ button.

Done! You are logged into your PariMatch account and can place bets, make deposits, withdraw winnings and more.


Do I need a PariMatch mirror?

A mirror is a copy of the website. The only difference is the domain name (address of the Internet resource). As the PariMatch bookmaker’s office is legal, there is no need to use mirrors. They have long been irrelevant, because access to the site, unlike offshore versions, is not restricted in any way.

Don’t waste your time looking for mirrors in vain. Rather concentrate on analyzing events so you can make profitable bets. Play with peace of mind and do not worry about the safety of your account.

Do I need a PariMatch mirror?

The features of the Private Office

What options does the private office open for the player:

  • The user can take part in promotions and receive bonuses,
  • Contact the technical support team,
  • Place a bet by placing a bet.

In the mobile version, as well as in the full version, the personal cabinet displays information about the balance, for example, what amount is paid out, what amount is outstanding. It displays information about the history of payments, limits, and betting format.

With the help of the LK, you can withdraw money, the window is set up as necessary and convenient for the player. For example, it is possible to specify in the settings to be warned about the policy of changing odds or to activate Touch ID for PariMatch.

It is easy to make deposits using your personal office. To do so, select the deposit method, type in the amount. The crediting is instantaneous.

Problems logging into your account

If you are having trouble logging in, make sure the information you entered is correct, and that there are no login or password errors. Once you have checked the information, try to log in again; if you get an error, ask for help from our support team.

Tip: When entering your PariMatch account details, make sure the keyboard layout is correct, that Caps Lock is enabled/disabled and that all the letters and digits are present.

If you realize that all the steps are correct, contact the helpdesk. There are cases when you need to change the password.

To do this, click on “Forgot your username or password?” in the login window. You will see a window with a new registration form. In order to restore the password you should:

  • Write your date of birth, which you specified at the first registration,
  • Write your login,
  • Enter a new password.

To avoid problems at the next attempts write down your new password and login somewhere.

Problems logging
Problems logging into your account

If you forgot your username you have to add your E-mail, date of birth. An email with a login will be sent to the specified email address. After that, the PariMatch player will easily log into the account. If you remember the details of the account, there will be no problems with authorization.


You may need to enter the game account to log in. The login details are the same for PCs and phones.