Live Bets

PariMatch has a wide range of betting and offers the best betting opportunities for every bettor!

Live – bets on events that take place in real-time. Their ancestor can be considered as betting by phone when the client called BC PariMatch. “Live” in English means “live”, this is the essence of this betting.


Live bets cover the time period from the beginning to the end of the match. For the novice player, betting is something incomprehensible, and live betting even more so. Before betting spontaneously, there is a lot to learn: different sports, how long the halftime, period, game, how the odds change. The ideal thing is to watch the broadcasts while betting so that you understand the nature of the game.

The main tip is not to be in a hurry! In soccer, a team can score several goals in just a couple of minutes, and a leading tennis player gives game after game. When you have enough information and experience, your intuition, called “gut feeling” in the players’ language, will be sharpened. And it also helps experienced bettors make the right bets.

Line and bets

Line and bets

BC PariMatch gives a standard line on popular sports, there is no diversity. But recently some players have noticed a positive trend – there are more soccer matches of lower divisions. On soccer in general, there are a lot of proposals: the main outcomes, additional with the forfeit, statistics. Tennis is also well regarded. Even more bets on basketball. Here you can find almost any league and a widespread.

It is, by the way, good, but nothing supernatural – about the same as in other average offices. The odds are not the highest, for some reason the margin is especially high for some top matches.

Attention is paid to in-play betting on PariMatch. It is quite voluminous, especially on weekends, when there are a lot of soccer matches. But still, this section is noticeably inferior to similar ones at other major bookmakers. Live betting odds do not exceed the average.

In addition to soccer, the bookmaker offers a lot of bets on tennis in live betting.

You can also bet on cybersports, casino and poker rooms. Sometimes there are bets on political and cultural events. There is a special line “express+”, on it you can bet at higher odds.

Operates the option “Bet on the first click”, which allows you to bet on the first odds that the player saw the event.

The line on PariMatch is compiled by our own analysts, perhaps this is one of the reasons that the experts do not have time to cover all the events in full and work on the odds.

with the best live bets
PariMatch bookmakers with the best live bets


PariMatch bookmakers with the best live bets

If even you don’t know what live sports betting is right now, choose PariMatch bookmakers which provide the best conditions for live betting. Live is very popular among bettors, many of them do not even look at the line of upcoming matches, preferring “live” bets on PariMatch.

Criteria for choosing PariMatch betting company:

  • high enough odds,
  • User-friendly interface, good graphics,
  • automatic updating of odds,
  • A wide variety of matches represented.

Live betting line

The line primarily presents all the most important sports events in the world of sports, international, domestic, regional, etc. The list of bets in the majority of PariMatch betting companies is usually displayed as a whole under each match, so the player does not need to open a new window to see additional bets. Under the list of current online bets, a list of events for the near future is presented.

Bets are given for the whole match, as well as for its individual parts (half, period, game, inning, set, game). Naturally, the odds change over the course of the match. It is necessary to catch the moment when they are the most profitable.

Note that at the bottom of the page there is usually a recommendation to use alternative sources of information as well. Do not neglect this advice.


Live betting strategies

There are many strategies for live betting. We have selected the most popular and not particularly difficult for the novice bettor.

The favorite that missed at the beginning of the match. When a top-class soccer team misses a ball from a weaker one, a basketball grandee loses the first quarter, a top ten ranked tennis player “gives up” the first few games, the odds on the outsider’s victory go down. The odds on the favorite’s victory increase – a good moment to take a risk and bet on it. The probability of winning is quite high.

Too low odds – too high risk. There are players who like to bet on PariMatch on odds of 1.01. For example, at the end of a soccer match, when there are 5 minutes left. It seems that nothing portends disaster, and you bet a few thousand on what will be no more than 1.5 goals, considering it a freebie. But they may score 2 or more goals. The risk is not justified.

Breaks in tennis. A great opportunity to “raise” the pot. Start with a small amount, so that you can “win it back” if you lose. Choose your matches carefully, because breakless tournaments are not uncommon. These are usually important tournaments when everyone needs to win and athletes do not want to take risks – the whole match is accurate, every player takes his game.

Live betting
Live betting strategies


Bet a little on high odds. This Live betting strategy is good because if you lose, you lose a small amount, and the gain is quite tangible. It is most convenient to use the opportunity in soccer at the end of the match – bet on PariMatch on the total more or on the victory of any team. Thus, the amount of 100 p. can be increased several times.