CS:GO betting at Parimatch in Malaysia

A popular shooter can not only entertain you on a boring evening, but also become a source of income. It is enough to go to Parimatch Cs Go Malaysia and try yourself as a bettor. After all, this game is one of the most interesting for such purposes! Many types of bets, unexpected twists, dark horses among the teams and a lot of everything that can surprise you.

We will tell you how you can bet on this game, how to get bonuses, as well as tips on predicting. All you have to do is put it into practice!

CS GO live betting at Parimatch

Live betting is considered more accurate than pre-match. Professionals especially love it. Beginners rarely choose live for their first bets, as they are worried that they will not be able to make decisions quickly.


On the site you can watch the broadcast and place bets at the same time. You won’t have any problems watching the game, as it is much easier to organize a broadcast of a computer game than a competition in a stadium. Any Cs Go Parimatch tournaments will be available for you to watch.

It is believed that this format has more advantages:

  • you can see how the teams play;
  • the strategy becomes clear;
  • you can track the decisions of the players that will affect the outcome.

In the pre-match, you will not know which weapons will be bought by the players, how they will handle it, in which rounds they will win. And these are all key points that affect the result. Therefore, it is believed that Cs Go online betting Parimatch is more effective than the standard one.

CS GO live betting tips

To place bets during the game, you need to have a lot of information. Here is what knowledge you should have:

  • rules of the game;
  • favorite team strategies;
  • results of previous meetings of rivals;
  • whether the team has uncomfortable competitors.

Statistics for previous matches are available on the Parimatch website. It is absolutely free and available to anyone who wishes to study it.

In addition, for live betting, you need to have certain character traits. Here are the qualities that will help you:

  • the ability to concentrate and not be distracted from what is happening;
  • the ability to make quick decisions during the game;
  • ability to qualitatively analyze what is happening.

Also, Cs Go Betting Parimatch will become more successful if you study the features of the teams, know their lineups, strategies and other useful information.

During live, pay attention to what is happening in the game. The important thing is how the rounds start: who gets ahead, and who gets confused or lost. Also a key point is the weapons that players buy. Based on this, you can predict who will win in the pistol round, for example.

Information on the cards will show who will win next. You will need to regularly monitor the tournaments in order to understand what consequences this or that decision of the team leads to. The more experience you have, the more accurate the forecasts will be!


Unfortunately, there are no more precise strategies that will help you make a win-win bet. Everything is based on the knowledge and observation of the bettor.

Bonus for new players

Bookmakers with as much experience as Parimatch understand that there are players with different bankrolls. To attract more customers and give each of them the opportunity to try Parimatch Cs Go betting real money, there is a welcome offer. This is a unique promotion available only to new customers.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must:

  • create your first account on the site;
  • make the first deposit;
  • get a bonus.

What exactly will you get? This will be a sum of money that you can use for your own purposes. Including to bet on Parimatch Cs Go. This bonus cannot be used by anyone except you if you are a new player. So do not miss your chance: read the terms of the bonus and take it for yourself.

A bet paid with bonus money will make you a profit if it wins. The bookmaker will not take anything from you with this amount. If the bet turns out to be losing, then this will not affect you in any way, since you will not lose your money.

The bonus from Parimatch is a great chance to gain experience in real bets without risking your own funds.

Mobile bet

Many people think that for online betting you need to have a computer or laptop, but in reality this is not the case. You can use any mobile gadget and open the bookmaker’s website on it. All functions will be available: registration, financial options and, of course, placing bets.

Thanks to this, Cs Go Betting Parimatch Malaysia becomes available everywhere. You definitely won’t miss a tournament if you don’t have access to a computer. It will be enough just to unlock your mobile device and go online.

By the way, on phones and tablets it will be possible to watch live broadcasts and bet on them. Therefore, you will not notice any difference between regular and mobile betting. Except that it will become even more convenient!


What types of bets are available for this game?

On the line, you will notice standard markets such as card total, main selection or handicap win. But there will also be special rates. For example, who will win the pistol round. In this game, teams play for different sides, so it will be possible to bet on winning for one of the sides.

How to pay a bet in CS:GO?

You just need to click on it. A new field will appear on the screen where you will see the selected bet and you can check and then pay it.

Are there bets on maps and rounds at Parimatch?

Of course. On the site you will find one of the widest lines.